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8 in 10 women experience symptoms of menopause. While symptoms can wax and wane, they are certainly REAL and sometimes destructive. This blog is created for you! To engage, learn and discover natural solutions to this change of life. 

Am I Depressed or Is It Menopause?

Am I Depressed or Is It Menopause?

It’s not uncommon that women come see me because of their new snappiness and/or feeling bleh. Those cases hit my soft spot. It takes bravery to confess one’s impatience and unreasonable anger. I see through these women’s eyes their guilt, vulnerability, frustration,...

Menopause – Putting A Pause On Coffee

Menopause – Putting A Pause On Coffee

Coffee consumption and health effects have been a popular area of research since the year 2000. However, most of these studies lack gender and age specificity, so there is still much remain unknown when it comes to health effects on menopausal women. Currently,...

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