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8 in 10 women experience symptoms of menopause. While symptoms can wax and wane, they are certainly REAL and sometimes destructive. This blog is created for you! To engage, learn and discover natural solutions to this change of life. 

Menopause – Putting A Pause On Coffee

Coffee consumption and health effects have been a popular area of research since the year 2000. However, most of these studies lack gender and age specificity, so there is still much remain unknown when it comes to health effects on menopausal women. Currently,...

How To Do A Proper Kegel

tJoin the conversation with Dr. Lee McCauley in our most recent video series on Pelvic Health So we talked about the Pelvic floor diamond before, but I wanted to show you on the model so you can sort of wrap your head around it and see it in a little bit more of a...

Menopausal Bladder Training

Join the conversation with Dr. Lee McCauley in our most recent video series on Pelvic Health.   All right, Lee, can you go through with us about the bladder training? Okay, so basically with the bladder there's some sensors on the inside of it and they respond to...

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Different foods can trigger your body and cause hot flashes, sleeplessness and mood swings. Our 14-day detox will have you start your journey towards better days and nights! It is a complimentary offering to you as a gift to partner with your journey and find the ways that work for you! 

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