As personal service businesses continue to remain closed during Covid-19 pandemic, we have this rare opportunity to get creative and curious about ourselves rather than relying on our usual passive and possibly reactive approach to caring for our mental health.

We’re at the mercy of the internet and online platforms these days and the generosity of many individuals who share their talents online so that that we’re able to connect with each other and find support during this time.

The best approach to preserving our mental health is to KISS – keep it super simple. Try different styles and practices, but keep it simple once you find ones that work for you. Pay attention to practices that uplift your spirit and bring you inner peace. The simpler the routine, the more likely you’ll remove the chatter out of the head, therefore sinking into being in the present moment trustingly. When you’re fully present, there will be no room for apprehension, anger, and fear. In a combination of your choosing, the following are exercises to go into your mental health kit:

1. Give yourself permission to slow down everyday
2. Give yourself permission to trust that everything will be okay
3. Give yourself permission to miss out on things
4. Carve time out to reconnect with your body – vigorous physical exercise routines, stretching
or observe your breaths quietly
5. Check-in with people you appreciate. Pick up the phone.

  • Ask for assistance
  • Offer help

6. Hugging, cuddling, playing
7. Tending to plants (indoor or outdoor)
8. Cooking or baking
9. Reading, journalling
10. Music
11. Art work – sketching, colouring, quilting, etc.

Personally, here are the top practical things that I find useful:

– Stay away from following people’s stories on social media
– Don’t let news media sneak in too much of your life
– Call up a friend
– Teachers of our time that I follow: Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Brene Brown, Abraham Hicks
– Youtube: Yoga with Adriene
– Watch funny or cute videos of animals or children
– Podcasts: Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey, Perimenopausal Mamas

No matter what you do, the idea is to be intentional, consciously taking care of yourself. When you go to a therapist, acupuncturist, hairdresser, aesthetician, massage therapist, etc., it’s not always the specific service provided that makes the difference for your well-being, but the ATTENTION deliberately placed on YOU, serving and nourish your soul.

Keep your routine simple. Less is more. For more information you can Talk to Dr.Kait Now.

In Peace,
Dr. Kait Chang, ND

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