Direct Billing FAQ

1. What products and services are covered by insurance?

Naturopathic consultations
Acupuncture performed by Dr. Kait Chang
Intravenous infusion (not including materials and supplies)
Intramuscular injection (not including materials and supplies)

2. Do you direct bill?

Yes, we direct bill the following insurance providers:

Benefit Plan Administrator 1-800-867-5615
Canada Life (formely Great West Life) 1-800-957-9777
Canadian Construction Workers Union 416-240-0047
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance 1-800-665-3365
CINUP (Johnston Group) 1-800-665-1234
ClaimSecure 1-888-513-4464
Cowan 1-888-509-7797
Desjardins Insurance 1-800-463-7843
First Canadian 1-866-212-5644
GMS Carrier 49 1-800-667-3699
GMS Carrier 50 1-800-667-3699
GroupHEALTH 1-833-344-6944
GroupSource 1-888-547-6947
Industrial Alliance 1-877-422-6487
Johnson Inc. 1-866-773-5467
Johnston Group Inc. 1-800-893-7587
LiUNA Local 183 416-240-2103
LiUNA Local 506 416-506-8841
Manion 1-866-532-8999
Manulife Financial 1-866-407-7878
Maximum Benefit 1-800-893-7587
Sun Life Financial 1-855-301-4786

TELUS AdjudiCare 1-877-944-7100

We currently DO NOT direct bill the following insurance providers:
Green Shield
Equitable Life
Standard Life
Maximum Benefit

3. What products and services may be covered by insurance?

This depends on your insurance policy. Please verify with your insurance providers before proceeding specific tests and services.

Comprehensive hormone analysis (urine)
Female Hormone analysis (saliva)
Male Hormone analysis (saliva)
Adrenal function analysis (saliva)
Food IgG sensitivity test (finger prick)
Candida IgG detection (finger prick)
Thyroid hormone panel (urine)
Heavy metal and minerals detection (urine)
Heavy metal and minerals detection (hair)
Fatty acid profiling (finger prick)
Vitamin D (finger prick)
Stool analysis
Supplies and materials for injection
Supplies and materials for intravenous infusion

4. What products and services not covered by insurance?

Nutritional supplements
Homeopathic remedies
Blood work performed by Calgary Lab Services
Medical letters

5. My insurance provider is listed above, could I still be charged for my appointments?

Depending on your policy, insurance submission from us may be posted “pending/ for review”. Should this occurs, we will have to collect the full amount of the visit/product and re-submit your claim to be payable to you (insured member). Any amounts covered by your insurance will be paid directly to you typically in 5-7 business days and up to 2 weeks the latest.

6. What if I find out that my insurance provider does not cover my treatment only after they are rendered?

Calgary Menopause Wellness is sincere about you getting healthy and achieving your goals, and we will do our best to work within your financial means. Cost of services and products will be transparent and discussed before they are rendered. Patients are to pay the full treatment cost even if they thought they were covered by their insurance company, if their insurance got declined, maxed out, or terminated. Be sure to check with your insurance provider in advance.

7. I have separate coverage for acupuncture, can I use that when my naturopathic coverage maxes out?

Unfortunately, no. Dr. Kait Chang can only bill the insurance as a naturopathic doctor, not as a licensed acupuncturist.

8. My coverage is maxed out, can I use my family member's coverage?

No. Insurance providers consider this fraudulent.

9. Can you back-date receipts or split up visits/fees into small visits/fees?

No. Insurance providers consider these fraudulent.

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