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In your first consultation, Dr. Kait Chang will listen in on your health concerns and discuss in-depth the root cause of your ongoing ailment. She will also suggest necessary lab tests for diagnoses. Be ready and be open to suggestions as Dr. Chang will be assessing all areas of health holistically. At the end of your initial consult, Dr. Chang will assign homework and offer treatment options deliverable within her scope of practice including herbal and/or nutritional supplementation, intravenous nutrient infusion, lifestyle counseling, and acupuncture. Your homework may involve following nutritional guidelines and recipes specific to your case, customized self-care routines, and taking supplements to saturate your potential for healing. All lab fees and treatment cost will be transparent and communicated before implementation. Dr. Chang intends to leave you feeling heard, hopeful, and guided on your journey to where you want to be in health. Take advantage of the Spring Promotion today!

Spring Promotion (ending Jun 19th)

Initial consultation $149.99 (REG $185)
Individualized nutrition guide and recipes FREE (REG $100)
Comprehensive urine hormone test $380 (REG$400)

Total $529.99 (REG $685 savings of $155)


Please fill out this preliminary intake form in order to schedule a 20-minute phone call with Dr. Kait Chang, ND. This call is important for you and Dr. Chang to determine whether she is the right healthcare provider for you. All information you provide will be confidentially protected under the Personal Information Protection Act and Health Information Act.

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