The complete cessation of menstrual period for at least 12 consecutive months on average, occurs at 51, but in my practice I have seen natural menopause occurring as early as 30’s and as late as 60 years of age. The age of menopause is unpredictable for every woman, and is not correlated to the timing of her first period. Clinicians often use patients’ mother’s menopausal age as a rough approximation.

Most postmenopausal women relish in physiological and psychological relief after the resolution of neuroendocrine storm in perimenopause. Interestingly, many of my patients who are well past perimenopause still experience hotflashes, moodswings, weight gain, and insomnia. This can be explained by cortisol and insulin resistance, low melatonin and serotonin release, and suboptimal thyroid function. These hormonal imbalances can be addressed using acupuncture, herbal supplementation, nutrient repletion, low-intensity physical exercise, and mindfulness practice. 

Role of Estrogen after Menopause

Saying goodbye to menstrual cycles means no more PMS, menstrual cramps, leakage accidents, contraceptives, etc. However, menopause definitely isn’t a farewell to estrogen. Aside from its role in maturing eggs and building uterine lining in our reproductive years, estrogen is highly important in maintaining our bones, joints, heart, blood vessels, and brain. The first 5 years of menopause serves as a window of opportunity to optimize the continual production and metabolism of healthy estrogen in order to set up a healthy and graceful aging journey, preventing heart disease, dementia, depression, bone loss, and arthritis.

Work with me to create many more vibrant and comfortable years ahead! If you’re still experiencing menopausal symptoms well after menopause, I welcome you to work with me. 

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Different foods can trigger your body and cause hot flashes, sleeplessness and mood swings. Our 14-day detox will have you start your journey towards better days and nights! It is a free offering to you as a gift to partner with your journey and find the ways that work for you! 

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