Happy New Year! If you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated after the holidays, the first thing you may want to do is a post-holiday detox. Once you offload the excess calories that you had taken in, you will start to feel better overall and have energy to get moving again.

I’ve created a 5-day meal plan to help you ease back into your regular routine. Use it to uplift your mood and stay focused on your 2020 game plan.


Meal Plan Rationale

Cutting back and caloric restriction typically backfire. It leaves you craving more and feeling deprived. This meal plan is designed to help you ease out of holiday mode so that you can get back on healthy eating without feeling hungry and tired.

The first day is geared towards stabilizing blood sugar. If you’ve been having treats over the holidays, going cold-turkey will leave you feeling hollow, jittery, shaky, and even irritable. It’ll then be particularly difficult to resist temptations. To wean off treats and sweets, gradual is key. I’ve incorporated this strategy to help you get over your sweets hangover.

The second day is geared towards regulating appetite, sleep and mood. The sudden cutback in calories and sweets affect serotonin and melatonin activity in the brain. Choosing the right foods will help you cope with cravings, insomnia, and mood swings.

On the third day, you should start to feel normal and perhaps not dragging your feet as much. The foods selected for this day optimize digestion and keep bowels moving, ensuring that you’re feeling lighter and not as bloated.

On days 4 & 5, the foods chosen are of detoxification profile, optimizing liver function. Incorporate these detoxifying foods 2-3 times a week consistently and very quickly you’ll notice – as a result of optimized liver function – brighter/clearer skin, effortless weight maintenance, less puffiness, and increased energy.


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